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Have you already been told that your dog needs surgery?

AM PM Ideal Pet Care, We operate with expertise and care. We are the animal hospital in Norwalk that provides from daily routine veterinary service to pet emergency service. We offer quality veterinary care with ideal and affordable price.

A free physical exam may provide you with an affordable option. Dr. Scott Lee, with his additional training in small animal surgery, may assist in your pet’s need. Please come in for free surgical consultation. Our clinic is a walk-in clinic where your pet can be seen immediately. No appointment necessary.

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This is how clients feel about Dr. Lee

I am so grateful to have you as my vet

Valued Client

Dr. Lee, I can see in you, your love of animals and the work you do…

Patches mom, Corley

Words are not express how thankful I am…

Monica, Bunny mom

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