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This is how clients feel about Dr. Lee

Thank you Dr. lee! am pm ideal pet care


Words cannot express how thankful my husband and I are for being led to you to save our Noah’s life…

Noah’s mommy and daddy

Dr. Lee, I can see in you, your love of animals and the work you do…

Patches mom, Corley

I wanted to thank you patiently answering all of our questions…

Stefani and Jason

Words are not express how thankful I am…

Monica, Bunny mom

I am so grateful to have you as my vet

Valued Client

Thank you for extraordinary for saving my dog


Dear. Dr. Lee
Thank you for your passionate care for our dog Belle!
We are so Thankful to have you as our vet!

Minh, Gracey, Carol, Belle and Rocky

Dr Lee, I really appreciate everything you have done.-Bolt-T Veit-

Dr Lee, I really appreciate everything you have done.

Your generosity was such a gift and will always be remembered… kind hearts like yours are so rare and precious and will always be appreciated. Thank you,
Samson mommy, Jay Moralusa

Samson mommy (Jay Moralusa)



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