Grooming Appointment Form

Our online Grooming Appointment form is intended to help you schedule your pet’s appointment for Pet Grooming the future. 

In all cases, representative will contact you by phone to confirm all online appointment requests within 3 days. Please note: your appointment is not set & confirmed until you have received a confirmation call from one of our staff. If you do not hear from us within three days, confirming your appointment, then you do not have an appointment or reservation in our system. At that point it would probably be best to telephone us rather than chance the internet again. Your appointment or reservation is only guaranteed if you have received a confirmation call from us, confirming the details of your planned visit.

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Vaccine Information

We will use the below information to confirm your pet's vaccinations will be current for this stay. Dogs must be up to date on distemper, rabies and bordatella. Depending on your individual vaccination program, we are happy to accept current titer information for your pet.
Please let us know any special needs your pet has.